Matt and Andrey have been working in the Creator Industry since 2018, when they became the founding members of the core team that has successfully built and scaled the Dr. Jordan B. Peterson brand – commonly referred to as “the most influential intellectual in the Western World”. 

Since then, we’ve replicated his success with other brands internationally and built a team with over 120 years of combined experience in various creative and marketing industries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits & Hollywood.

Our vision is to use advanced technology, stunning visuals, captivating copy, and business acumen to grow a global network of digital brands that not only achieve their goals but also reach new levels of success.
Veritas is Latin for “Truth”. Truth is the foundation of our business–building authentic brands that address real world needs and contribute positively to the global community. We use reliable data to drive our decisions and deploy effective strategies proven to deliver results.