We’re Veritas – a Creator Agency that builds Content Creators into multi-million dollar brands.

Our Creator Incubator Program is a system we designed specifically to grow prominent international creators, such as Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

What is our Creator Incubator?

Our Incubator is a full-service program that grows Creator talent over several years by giving them professional monetization, management, content creation, and growth teams.

We partner with you and grow you – together.

Our Creator Incubator Program is Built for Creators Who:

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Veritas’s CEO, Andrey Korikov, and CDO, Matt Daley, are the founding members of the team that launched and scaled the Dr. Jordan B. Peterson brand. Together, they’ve built the management, production, monetization, and growth systems that turned him into the #1 Intellectual in the Western World according to the New York Times.

Andrey, Matt, and their team now build on that experience to grow other creators to international success – linking together content production, social media strategy, monetization, and growth to create stable brand lift and increased revenue.


What do you get in Our Incubator?

As a Content Creator, we believe your time is best spent creating content, growing your brand and serving your clients. We’ll be there to handle everything else – from strategy to content production, social media, technology, products, marketing and design.

Have the force of a full-service, professional Creator team behind you and make your Creator dream a reality.

We partner with you to:

We partner with you to:

Craft a visually stunning brand that builds trust and showcases you as a leader in your niche by building out your brand strategy and assets (websites, logos, etc).

Craft an omnichannel growth strategy across multiple platforms to quickly scale your audience to 7+ figures and get your brand international recognition.

Handle your complete content production and deployment pipeline, from ideation and filming support to editing and posting.

Structure and optimize your time as a Creator by balancing content production, audience engagement, growth and revenue generation tasks to keep your brand scaling while preventing burnout.

Manage and optimize all of your social media accounts, and deploy data-driven funnels to maximize growth, engagement and monetization,

Continually coach and train you as a Creator - covering everything from filming techniques to exclusive social media know-how, business management and self-development.

Build and deploy an effective monetization strategy and product ladder, enabling you to scale to 8+ figures in revenue and fulfill your Creator mission.

Help operate your digital business by supporting technology, products, negotiations and business development as your brand scales.

Build and deploy your advertising and promotional strategy to drive both revenue and brand growth.